Self realization

Birdwatching & Ornithology

I have been interested in birds since I was seven years old. One day I found a book about European birds that interested me on the store shelf. Later, I got started and every day I learned more and more new species, I started to recognize them in nature. Now I can recognize almost all Lithuanian bird species and their sounds.

Presently, I actively participate in several birding events to augment my knowledge and for recreational purposes. Additionally, over the past two years, I have been diligently acquiring skills in bird ringing, a scientific method of studying bird behavior and migration patterns.

Wildlife photography

I have been passionate about nature, particularly birds, since my childhood, and my interest in photography provided me with a means to capture various picturesque moments in the natural world. The art of nature photography is an immensely challenging yet immensely rewarding endeavor, and my desire to capture ever-more-perfect shots every day has been the driving force behind my consistent improvement. Each day, I learn new and captivating ways to process my photos, and your support serves to inspire me even further on this journey.

Aerealty project